From the Principal

What do we embody at SCAS?

Excellence is the culmination of thousands of details, executed perfectly. We understand that true perfection is unattainable but rather than being discouraged by this fact, we find inspiration in trying to get as close to it as possible. We believe that the pursuit of excellence means each of us is accountable to our students, to ourselves and to our peers. It is our task to hold one another to the highest standard possible and in this reach higher than we may have thought possible.

We have the opportunity to make SCAS a great learning community, not only by offering great teaching and excellent educational experiences but also by modelling to our students that we are also learners and that learning is a marathon not a short sprint.

Passion is an integral part of a SCAS education. Passion inspires us to learn. Passion inspires us to share. Shared passion inspires us to pick up others when they fall. Passion is what makes all the difference in the end.

At SCAS we recognise the nobility of aspiration and effort. We do not see any career goal as less than any other. We recognise that there is real nobility in choosing a path and making every effort to excel. We see achieving excellence in your chosen field as enriching both the individual's life and that of their community.

At SCAS we encourage each member of our community to accept responsibility for their actions or inaction. We also believe that we have a responsibility to support others and never become so self-absorbed that we lose sight of the value of giving.

All members of SCAS staff are valued for the role they play in making the school experience one that reflects its founding values, creates a love of learning and provides a safe and supportive environment in which to explore the world of what is and what might be.

SCAS is a community that accepts those who want to be a part of our world. While remaining true to our Anglican traditions, we are a community where individual growth is founded upon shared values while still allowing each person to develop their individual personality and goals.

Mr Terry Muldoon