Primary School

Welcome to the Primary School; a busy, happy place where each child can experience success and know that they have an important contribution to make.

Our Primary School staff are very well qualified and passionate about the children in their care. They promote in their students a love of learning, pride in individual and collective achievement, and a strong work ethic. This is done within a secure and caring community. Year 6 in particular is a year that prepares the children for entry into Secondary School. Specialist teachers are used in many Key Learning Areas across all stages. Along with the rest of the school, the Primary School has an unmistakably Christian foundation. Formal worship forms part of the educational experience with all students required to attend Chapel. Christian Studies are part of the school curriculum.

The Primary School encourages our students to:

  • Be motivated to achieve to their personal best.
  • Complete tasks to the best of their ability.
  • Develop a positive attitude towards their learning.
  • Be confident, self-assured and assertive.
  • Be critical thinkers.
  • Become skilled in the use of information technology.
  • Participate fully in opportunities presented to them.
  • Develop and define their personal spirituality within an Anglican framework.

It is a pleasure for our staff to be involved in the academic, social, emotional and spiritual development of each student and to play a significant role in their journey through the Primary School. 

St Columba Anglican School is blessed with beautiful grounds, playing fields and excellent facilities, which create a very special learning environment for our students. Most importantly, we are a school filled with very happy students and teachers. I hope you are able to visit us in person to experience the joy that is the Primary School. Alternatively, your child is welcome to experience a day in the classroom. 

I welcome you, your child and your family into the Primary School.

Mr Bruce Little
Head of Primary