Trade Training Centre

The Trade Training Centre is for students who want to learn and succeed in today’s world.

The Trade Training Centre can provide students with:

  • practical learning pathways leading to Certificate qualifications
  • nationally recognised industry qualifications that employers want Australia wide
  • real-life practical learning opportunities that take place both at the Trade Training Centre and in the workplace
  • a fun campus environment with a chance to get involved in co curricular activities, social and sporting activities
  • skilled teachers and up-to-date facilities that deliver high standards of education
  • pastoral care and learning support that you need to help you achieve your goals

For more information on the Trade Training Centre, please visit the subjects offered here.

Work Placement

Mid Coast Independent Trade Training Centre Work Placement is a vital part of the program.

The objectives of the program are:

  • To enhance social and vocational skills in a work environment
  • To ease the transition from MCITTC to work
  • To assist students in making choices and evaluating future career choices
  • To meet the mandatory obligations of vocational course work placement requirements

It is compulsory part of the VET course to participate in work placement. Although many procedures and support mechanisms are in place to assist students in the organisation of their work placement, it is important to emphasise that the ultimate responsibility for finding work placement rests with the student. In some circumstances, part-time work can be counted as work placement. If your part-time job is in an area that is closely related to your VET course then you may apply for exemption from part or all of the work placement requirement of the course.