What We Offer

A Values-Based Educational Philosophy
SCAS offers families an education that is founded on Christian values and actively promotes and reflects these values in its actions 

An Education that Values the Whole Individual
SCAS believes that education happens on the stage, the sporting field and in the playground as well as in the classroom. Our vibrant co-curricular and pastoral care programs are evidence of our commitment to developing the whole person.

A Preparation for Life Beyond School
SCAS students are encouraged to develop their leadership talents, teamwork skills and positive engagement with modern technology that will prepare them for a life after school as students, workers and community members. 

A Diverse and Welcoming Community
While SCAS celebrates its Anglican traditions, it is a school that welcomes all who would seek to share in the benefits of an education based on its explicit vision and values.

Academic Excellence
At SCAS the pursuit of academic excellence is defined as the active development and realisation of an individual's talents. Our outstanding success in external examinations and competitions has proven this to be a sound approach. 

A Supportive Community
At SCAS we believe that the active support of students and their families is an important aspect of our school life. We provide a safe, inviting and nurturing place to learn, aspire and achieve.