Academic Excellence

At St Columba Anglican School we have a highly talented and dedicated team of teachers who are passionate about their subjects. Our teaching staff aim to make learning exciting and stimulating for our students and we pride ourselves on the quality of our academic teaching.

Supportive Tutors
All students receive support from their Year Patron. Each student is also assigned to a tutor group, and each day tutors make sure that all is well on academic (and other) matters.

A Broad Curriculum
With the support of our staff, St Columba brings out the best in all its students, whatever their academic abilities. We offer a broad curriculum that means all students are studying courses that are right for them.

A Well-Rounded View of Life
We want all our students to leave St Columba Anglican School with a well-rounded view of life, and be able to take their place in a globalised society. We have a very good record of making sure our students achieve the qualifications necessary to go on to university. SCAS students achieve considerable success in gaining university places.

Yearly NAPLAN results demonstrate the quality of our student achievements at St Columba Anglican School. The results for the School are consistently above the National and State averages for both Literacy and Numeracy. These results reflect the School's reputation for academic excellence.