The SCAS Foundation

About Us

The St Columba Anglican School Foundation was created on the premise that the highest educational aspirations should be within the reach of everyone, regardless of their location or circumstances. Students aspiring to excellence in academia, performing arts or sporting endeavours should not have to relocate to metropolitan areas to achieve their dreams.

Like most independent schools, St Columba’s school fees are used to pay for operating costs, not for major capital works or student scholarships. The goal of the SCAS Foundation is to raise the awareness and funds that are necessary to provide specialist educational facilities and a student scholarship and assistance scheme. It is the tangible realisation of our school mantra, opening up a ‘world of opportunities’.

All funds raised by the SCAS Foundation are used to enhance the learning opportunities of students at St Columba Anglican School. These donations will have a perpetual impact on our local community and the lives of our young people. We would like you to be a part of creating world-class educational opportunities for young people. Become a member of the SCAS Foundation and help us build a brighter future for young people here on the Mid North Coast.

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Our Story

The St Columba Anglican School Foundation was established in 2018, with Mr Trevor Suitor as its founding President. Our role is to inclusively encourage and recognise financial support for our School, and our students, by our wider community, including parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, staff, and friends. The SCAS Foundation is administered by the Foundation Board, a standing committee of the School Council, represented by current and past parents and alumni.

Given that income from tuition fees alone cannot provide the financial basis for our future development, St Columba relies on the generous support of donors to deliver the School’s educational aims and bring its long-term vision and goals to fruition. The impact of your participation in giving at St Columba is valued beyond the dollars.

At any level, participation in the Foundation demonstrates your commitment to St Columba and its continued success. When the entire community participates, it speaks volumes that our community is committed to the success of the School and will continue to teach or send their family to the School, thus ensuring St Columba’s sustainability for years to come.

The Foundation Board strategically develops philanthropic programs for St Columba Anglican School with the students at the centre of all its endeavours. By working and giving together we can ensure our students have the best possible facilities and programs for the enrichment of our students.

Student Scholarships 

Scholarships and bursaries are awarded to students who the school believes will thrive academically and personally and who will, in turn, make a significant contribution to their community.

These scholarships and bursaries are made possible through the generosity of donors from our local community. Full scholarship donors may nominate from several categories including student potential in a particular field of study, good citizenship or Indigenous status.

All donations to the Scholarships and Bursaries Fund are tax-deductible. This assistance has given access to students whose circumstances would not have otherwise allowed them to enrol at the school. The success of these students has shown the benefit to the individual and the school of such endowments.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why not raise tuition?

We believe that a diverse student body is an integral part of the SCAS experience and enriches the lives of all our students. Increasing the cost of tuition would deny access to our School for many of our families, and negatively impact all facets of St Columba, including diversity, sustainability, and financial durability.

Additionally, donations to the St Columba Anglican School Foundation are fully tax-deductible, while tuition is not, so think about the Foundation as the tax-deductible portion of your tuition. Donating benefits you more than raising tuition would.


How much am I expected to give?

We simply ask that you give at a level where your passion for the School meets your ability to give. We understand that tuition is a significant investment and every family’s capacity for additional support is different.

We just hope that SCAS becomes or remains a philanthropic priority. Gifts of all sizes help St Columba reach its financial and participation goals.

Why is donating to the Foundation important?

The SCAS Foundation’s role is to work with the School to ensure the fabric of St Columba stays strong now and in the future.

The SCAS Foundation believes that fostering a culture of giving in the community is fundamental in making SCAS the vibrant and dynamic community our students engage with and are inspired by each day. We can all play a part in continuing to create a place of educational purpose and excellence, and ultimately fulfilling the School’s vision to inspire every student, every day, in every experience.

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