Primary Music

Music in the Classroom

All students in the Primary School participate in the Primary Music Program, and are exposed to a range of musical concepts in singing, moving, playing and compositional tasks.

The Music program in Stage 1 (Kindergarten to Year 2) has a very strong Kodály focus. The Kodály Method uses a child-developmental approach, introducing skills in accordance with the capabilities of the child in a sequential series of lessons. Students learn musical concepts through experiences such as listening, singing, or movement and once familiar with songs through experiencing, we learn how to notate it. Concepts are sequentially taught, reviewed and reinforced through games, movement, songs, and exercises.

All students in Year 3 participate in a classroom Orchestral Strings Program where each child learns to play a violin, viola, cello or double bass during their class time. Specialist tutors teach small groups and the students cover all aspects of the NSW syllabus throughout this unique program.

Students in Year 4 learn to play the recorder, giving each student the opportunity to develop their musical skills using a sequential and structured program. We use a 'Recorder Karate' system and students earn 'belts' to signify which level they are on. Using the recorder in Year 4 is great preparation for woodwinds in the Year 5 Band Program.

An innovative addition to the Primary Music Program is the Year 5 Band Program. Each student learns a Concert Band instrument of Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Guitar, and Tuned and Untuned Percussion with a specialist tutor during class time.

Year 6 start to progress to a Secondary School style of lesson with units of work focussing on different genres and contexts while students continue on their own instrumental studies.

Music and Vocal Ensembles

SCAS ensembles cater for musicians of all ages and abilities, and provide a great opportunity to meet other students. Every year these groups enjoy numerous performances and considerable success in competitions. All students also have the opportunity to join the following ensembles:

Primary Concert Band
Provides an introduction to the concert band and ensemble playing techniques. We enjoy learning new music and how to play together successfully as an ensemble. This band provides an introduction to the concert band and ensemble playing techniques. Students who have played a band instrument for at least one semester are invited to join this band.

String Orchestra
For students in Year 5  to Year 12 who play an orchestral string instrument competitively. The Orchestra enjoys playing in a broad range of genres from standard classical pieces, film and theatre music, folk tunes and popular numbers.

Junior String Ensemble
Caters for novice players in Years 3 to 5 who will focus their skills, music reading and ensemble playing in a small group before progressing to the String Orchestra when ready.

Year 5 Band Sectionals
Allows students who may need or would like another practice session with a teacher during the week to assist the student in continuing to progress on their instrument.

Primary Guitar Club
For students wanting to learn some basic guitar skills in a fun environment. The club is open to anyone with an interest in playing guitar and guitarists master four basic chords to play songs that are current and would be still heard on the radio.

Infants Choir
For students in Kindergarten to Year 2 who want to develop musicality and singing in a fun environment.

Primary Choir
For students in Years 3 to 6, and includes part singing and vocal techniques. This choir also supports and extends the work students do in the music classroom.

Years 6-8 Concert Band
The Years 6 to 8 Concert Band program was developed as a new ensemble in 2016 to provide a pathway for these students and complement the already established Primary and Secondary Concert Bands. This transitional  ensemble bridges the gap between the Primary School program and the Secondary School program.