As described in the New South Wales Board of Studies English Syllabus, "Language shapes our understanding of ourselves and our world, and is the primary means by which we relate to others." 

This is very much the philosophy of the English Department here at St Columba Anglican School, where we understand the study of English to be a means by which students gain an understanding of both themselves and the world around them. Developing proficiency in English enables students to become confident communicators, critical and imaginative thinkers, lifelong learners and active participants in Australian society. The English staff is a wonderful mix of experienced teachers with an understanding of syllabus requirements and best practice in education; and beginning teachers filled with energy and vitality. Our staff select a variety of appropriate texts which allow their enthusiasm for the study of English to become infectious among the student body. Students learn English through explicit teaching of language and through their immersion in a diverse range of purposeful and increasingly demanding language experiences. The study and appreciation of English is the foundation on which all other Key Learning Areas are built. Through responding to and composing texts, students learn about the power, value and art of the English language for communication, knowledge and pleasure.