Leadership and School Houses

Both Primary and Secondary students at St Columba are exposed to a variety of leadership opportunities during their time at the school.

A number of different activities enable students to observe, develop and model appropriate leadership skills. Some of these activities include:

  • The Senior Secondary Student Leadership Council meet fortnightly to discuss student issues and to raise funds for projects.
  • A Senior Studies and Leadership Expedition for Year 11 students.
  • Year 9-12 students are eligible to join Interact – a Rotary sponsored group that engages in fundraising activities and public speaking.
  • Collecting points for participating in activities that develop their leadership skills. These points help students achieve Gold, Silver and Bronze Leadership Awards.

School Houses
St Columba has four School Houses as follows:

  • Farrell (Red)
  • Innes (Green)
  • McCabe (Blue)
  • Robinson (Yellow)

The names are drawn from the early colonial School Masters, John McCabe and Gamaliel Farrell, and two pioneering women of the Hastings area, Annabella Innes (later Boswell) and Grace Robinson. Each house has its own mascot; the Farrell Fox, the Innes Leprechaun, the McCabe Shark and the Robinson Ram.

The houses are an important part of the school’s pastoral care and co-curricular program, with students encouraged to support their house to the best of their ability. Secondary school students are assigned to houses for pastoral care, tutor meetings, peer support, student leadership and other activities.

What’s more, each house is expected to organise at least one annual fundraiser for a registered charity such as the Starlight Foundation, Orange Sky Laundry, Canteen or SIDS & Kids.