Dawson Library

The Dawson Lirary is the innovative learning heart of the school. The Libraryr includes the eLearning centre, technology repository and is the home base for the EdTech team and learning support staff. Specialist staff facilitate Digital Citizenship, eLearning, edugaming and coding sessions. Modelling 21st century learning principles, the Dawson Library is a flexible and dynamic learning space for staff, students and parents. Study booths, modular furniture and ubiquitous technology allow our learning community to create and modify the space according to their needs. Be it quiet reading or tuition, team meetings or workshops, collaboration or study space. 

The Library provides the latest technology to support and enhance learning. MacBooks, Windows laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, video cameras, green screen kits, 3D printers and other learning technology are available to students and teachers. The Dawson Library embodies the best of traditional and contemporary education. It is an exciting, fun and welcoming place to study, work, learn and play. 


The Library is also home to Australia's first permanent K-12 Makerspace. A Makerspace is a gathering point for technology, tools, projects and expertise that enables a learning environment based on encouraging innovation, creativity, self-directed learning, productivity and experimental play. It is a flexible space where students can release their inner ‘tinkerer’ and work collaboratively and individually on a range of projects while supported by experienced and enthusiastic mentors. In schools, Makerspaces can support 21st century learning by creating opportunities to develop STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) across the K-12 learning area in a non-structured environment. It can support inquiry, curiosity and problem solving in a way that is familiar to many students and their relationships with modern technology, with the option of being more challenging for those students who would like to push themselves. Multiliteracies and modern technology-aided learning is important to create students who can live and learn in a multifaceted and rapidly changing world.

The St Columba Makerspace has many tools including a 3D scanner and 3D printer; a Raspberry Pi – a credit-card sized computer; an Oculus Rift – a virtual reality headset for immersive learning and playing; Goldieblox – an engineering and construction set designed by female engineers to inspire young, female students; Chromeboxes – compact computers; an Alienware computer designed specifically for gaming purposes; as well as blank computers for installing existing and new operating systems and computer hard-drives that can be opened, taken apart and explored. St Columba Anglican School also participates in collaborative online environments where their students can share and explore virtual spaces with students from other schools, no matter the physical distance.

The St Columba Makerspace will be a dynamic and continually developing space that adapts to students’ wants and needs and will keep up with the latest technological advancements and gadgetry. The space is designed to be fun and comfortable where students feel welcomed and inspired to create and produce both organically and inventively.

Library Services

The Library is a vibrant information resource centre, centrally located on the school campus. The library houses collections of fiction and non-fiction books, as well as comfortable reading spaces and individual or class work areas. Our Wheelers eBook platform gives our SCAS community access to our eBook collection.  The Library also houses and maintains class sets of Chromebooks, Laptops, Macbook Airs and iPads which can either be used within the Library or borrowed out for use in classrooms by the class teacher. Students can also arrange to borrow a laptop for one lesson or the whole school day, and can also receive IT support from our IT Assistant.

The Library is open for Primary School students to read, borrow books, attend Homework Help and for research assistance from 8:20am until 3:30pm daily. Secondary School students are able to use the Library for study, quiet reading or collaborative group work at any time from 8.20am to 4.30pm under staff supervision. Students may also access the Port Macquarie Hastings Library service which offers free access to a large selection of current resource databases. Students will need to be a member of the Town Library to access these databases. 

For access to the St Columba Library Catalogue please visit https://scas.concordinfiniti.com/login and enter the username and password you use to login to the School computers.

Our Library is growing in size and each year many free books are added to our shelves as rewards from our Ashton Scholastic Book Club. Twice a term Primary students receive magazines offering books and interactive educational products. During Book Week each year, a Book Fair is held in the Library where students and parents can purchase books for themselves and also to donate to our Library collection.