About Primary at SCAS

Every school's core purpose is to ensure students learn and develop a life-long love of learning and this remains an unchallengeable priority for the staff of the Primary School.

It is the commitment of each member of staff to provide a rigorous and differentiated learning experience for each student within an environment that is defined by fun, engagement, discovery and curiosity. The Primary School curriculum focuses on the NSW Board of Studies Key Learning Areas (KLA’s). Emphasis is placed on the basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy; however, all students study a wide variety of subjects.

These include:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Human Society and its Environment (History and Geography)
  • Science
  • Technology
  • German (Kindergarten – Year 2) and Japanese (Years 3 – 6).
  • Art
  • Music
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Christian Studies

The School has a strong commitment to enriching student learning through technology. Each classroom is fitted with the latest technology, including interactive whiteboards, as well as portable class sets of Chromebooks, Laptops, Macbook Airs and iPads available for use in the classroom. Primary students are encouraged to ‘Bring Your Own Technology’ (BYOT) to school.

Outside of School hours, the Primary School has a rich and diverse Co-Curricular Program which includes the opportunity to be involved in Sport, Chess, Debating, Public Speaking, Choir, Band, Drama, Dance and plenty more. 

Spiritually, Crusaders is a Christian development group catering to those students who wish to explore the Bible and issues of Christian discipleship in a relaxed and personal atmosphere. Crusaders is held in two groups for Infants and Primary Students during one lunch time each week. Furthermore, two Chapel Services are held each week, one for Infants Students and one for the rest of Primary.

Do subject specialists teach students?
Students have talented specialist teachers for Music, German (Kindergarten toYear 2), Japanese (Years 3 to 6), Christian Studies and Computing.

Do you have to be Anglican or Christian to be accepted at the school?
Students from all faiths are welcomed but it should be recognised that a study of the Christian gospel will form a central part of a student's education. Although participation in Christian study and Christian worship is compulsory for all students, it is not a prerequisite for enrolment that your child be actively involved in a church. St Columba Anglican School has a School Chapel and a service is held each Sunday at 10.00am. Students and parents are welcome to attend.

What happens during the enrolment process?
Prospective students and their parents will, upon receipt of the Application Fee, be invited to meet with the Principal or Head of Primary School. Once interviews have been conducted, places will be offered based on such criteria as readiness for school and prior and current family connections with St Columba Anglican School. During October there will be an opportunity for the students and their parents to attend the Orientation Day to experience something of school life at St Columba Anglican School. "Preview Days" are also offered throughout the year to allow students and parents to visit our school to see us in action. These days can be arranged on a date to suit any visiting family.