Survival Guide to your First Year at SCAS

Wednesday, 13th December 2017

Welcome to St Columba Anglican School! We know starting a new school year can be daunting so we’ve made a helpful list of hints to help you get ready for the year ahead!


  • Uniform list can be found here
  • Join the SCAS Exchange for second hand uniforms and equipment
  • Trading hours for our on-site Uniform shop can be found here
  • Alternatively, you can purchase Uniform items online here


  • Required equipment list can be found here
  • Contact your Stage Co-Ordinator if you are unsure of any requirements listed
    Stage 1 – Sarah Jones (
    Stage 2 – Kellie Hall (
    Stage 3 – Roger Shipton (


  • We have a School app which can be used to send absences, find out about upcoming events and read our latest news. A short video here explains the basics of how to use our app.
  • Primary School use Class Dojo for quick teacher/parent communication and daily stories and updates on what the students are learning.
  • A class diary is also provided at the beginning of the School year for communication between families and staff.
  • We have a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account where we share regular updates of what is happening within the School

For more information, please see either the Kindergarten or Primary School Handbooks.