St Columba Anglican School employs state of the art educational technologies and learning systems. We provide a smorgasbord of technology to engage students and transform learning. eLearning at SCAS includes video conferencing with international experts and classes, flipped learning, game based learning, project based learning, blended learning, superclasses and more.

As a strong core focus of the pedagogical approach, St Columba has consistently delivered innovative and cutting edge ideas for learning. As a local and national leader in eLearning and Educational Technology, SCAS has been mentioned in many Australian and international magazines, websites and media outlets for our groundbreaking programs - including the first permanent K-12 Makerspace and our close involvement with Google Education - and our staff have been invited to speak at multiple conferences around Australia. We have many exciting upcoming projects including the unique opportunity to participate in student-led experiments performed by astronauts on the International Space Station and the purchase of a remotely operated open-source telerobotic submarine that can explore the depths of the ocean for scientific quests, to assist Marine Studies students, or just for fun!

SCAS facilitates a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program for Year 5 to Year 12. BYOT enables students to bring their personal devices (laptops and tablets) to school to use for learning. SCAS also provides the latest high end model laptops and tablets for students to borrow at any time. BYOT enables personalisation, differentiation and "anytime, anywhere" learning. The SCAS BYOT program is supported by our BYOT policy

Teaching students to be safe and responsible online is a priority at SCAS so we run a Digital Citizenship Program for Kindergarten to Year 12 to help students develop into discerning, ethical and safe online citizens. We run specialised sessions as well as embedding the DCP into key learning areas.

The ubiquitous and diverse technologies at SCAS promote higher outcomes and engaged learning. Some of the Educational Technology at SCAS includes Google chromebooks, laptops (Mac, Windows, Linux), desktop computers, iPads, Android tablets, Interactive White Boards, touchscreen TVs, smart projectors, LED TVs with Apple TV, ultra fast fibre internet 100/100Mbps and seamless school-wide WiFi. SCAS employs a diverse range of learning management systems to meet the varied needs of the students and staff including Google Apps for Education, Edmodo and Moodle.