Leadership and School Houses

Student Leadership

Students at St Columba Anglican School participate in leadership positions in both the Primary and Secondary school. As part of the School’s commitment to training student leaders, a number of different activities have been undertaken to provide opportunities for students to observe, develop and model appropriate leadership skills.

The Primary School Student Leadership Council consists of students elected by their peers. In addition to this, students who consistently demonstrate a high level of maturity, community mindedness and involvement in improving the Primary School environment can become equal members of the SLC as a Student Leaders. Students may also apply to become Seniors. Seniors are not members of the SLC, but are given recognition as mature, responsible members of the senior student community. 

In the Secondary School, Leadership comprises of the Year 12 Student Leadership Committee (SLC) and Year Representatives (Years 7-11). Each group of leaders meet on a regular basis, discuss pertinent issues, develop initiatives and run various events throughout the year. Student leaders are given appropriate training, guidance and support to thoroughly prepare them for the opportunities associated with representing their peers. The Year Representatives are given a half day training session, while the Year 12 SLC complete a two day retreat and investiture ceremony. In addition, students from Years 9 to 12 are eligible to join the Rotary sponsored group Interact, which meets fortnightly. Interact members are active in fundraising activities and public speaking and representatives attend the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) each year.

In both Primary and Secondary School, students collect points for participating in activities which develop their leadership skills. Once a certain number of points is reached students achieve Gold, Silver and Bronze Leadership awards.

School Houses

Students are allocated to a House upon arrival at the school. Siblings are placed in the same House. The names of the Houses at St Columba Anglican School are drawn from the names of the early colonial School Masters, John McCabe and Gamaliel Farrell, and two pioneer women of the Hastings area, Annabella Innes (later Boswell) and Grace Robinson.  Each house has its own mascot - the McCabe Shark, the Farrell Fox, the Innes Leprechaun and the Robinson Ram. Houses form the basis of the School’s pastoral care and co-curricular program. In their House groups, students are encouraged to participate and do their best in the arts, in sports and in community service. Secondary School students are also assigned to Houses for pastoral care, Tutor meetings, peer support, student leadership and other activities. Each House is expected to organise at least one annual fundraiser for a registered charity such as the Starlight Foundation, Canteen and SIDS and Kids. All students are encouraged to represent their Houses in as many activities as their talents and interests allow. Some activities are compulsory whereas others are either voluntary or by appointment or election. All students are expected to support their House to the best of their ability.