Frequently Asked Questions

Is St Columba a "Church" school?

St Columba was set up under the auspices of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton. It maintains strong links with the local Anglican churches and the Diocese while operating under the governance of its own School Council. Christian studies and regular worship are a part of life at St Columba, but membership of a particular congregation or church is not an essential criterion for enrolment. We do require that all members of the community respect the Christian/Anglican traditions of the school.

When is the best time to enrol my child?

SCAS accepts enrolments at any stage of a child’s education and at any time of the year. While the majority of enrolment enquiries occur in the terms leading up to the next school year, many families choose to enrol their children during the year. Our enrolment process makes every effort to ensure that children are quickly and happily integrated into the School community.

Does SCAS accelerate students?

Acceleration of students is looked at individually according to each student’s needs and aspirations. Many students take advantage of the wide range of extension activities offered by our Faculties. Where it is obvious that a student will be happier and perform more effectively by being accelerated beyond their normal cohort, we make every effort to meet this need.

What experience do the teachers at SCAS have?

SCAS is very fortunate to be in a position where it can attract exceptional teachers. Teaching staff are keen to be part of the wonderful local lifestyle and stimulated by the challenges of working in a high performing school. Many of our staff have come to us from prestigious independent schools throughout Australia. Our mixture of experience and enthusiasm serves us very well academically, culturally and in sport.

What is the difference between SCAS and other schools?

St Columba is an independent school. This means that it is able to plan and make decisions to the benefit of its school community without reference to any form of “head office”. We are a school that proudly and clearly states its aspirations and expectations.

Does SCAS have a full range of subject choices?

SCAS offers a remarkably diverse range of subjects, and we are able to meet the majority of students’ subject choices. We also have links to online and distance education learning.

How important is pastoral care and student wellbeing at SCAS?

The provision of a safe and happy learning environment is one of our primary aims. We stress positive relationships between all members of our community and believe that we offer an environment that enables each student to learn, knowing they are cared for and valued.