Secondary School

 Paul Rikmanis, Head of Secondary

Secondary School

Secondary School at St Columba is a rich, varied and exciting place. Our aim is to open up a new world of opportunities for our students where they are encouraged to aim high and every student can strive for his or her personal best. At St Columba, we foster and encourage independent thinking, a commitment to the community, and excitement for knowledge and learning, in a supportive and enriching environment.

Students in Secondary School are encouraged to push boundaries, grow in self-confidence and improve their performance whilst working collaboratively to create a strong community. The notion of partnership underpins all school relationships with Secondary School students working towards interdependence. They develop self-confidence, high self-esteem, a commitment to personal excellence based on a positive set of values and respect for the values of others, and a sense of responsibility both to self and to the wider community. The pastoral care program is delivered by classroom teachers, House Tutors and Year Patrons, assisted by the Head of the Secondary School and Chaplain, to ensure the well-being of each student.

The mostly traditional academic model offered at the School encompasses a wide range of subject choices within the Board of Studies Approved Course framework. Some Vocational and Category B subjects are also on offer to our Senior cohort. The academic program is complemented by an eclectic range of extra-curricular experiences and collegial support from our staff.

Students graduate knowing they have established life-long friendships with the staff as well as their peers. They graduate as individuals whose hopes, dreams and ambitions are known and supported by sound work habits and solid values. They are prepared for the ever-changing world which they will face, knowing that they are willing and able to continue to learn throughout their lives wherever they may find themselves.