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Pastoral care

St Columba has a comprehensive pastoral care system in place to care for the individual needs of every student, from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

Our pastoral care objectives are to:

  • Provide a caring community in a Christian context where each student feels valued and is able to make a worthwhile contribution
  • Nurture a sense of belonging to the school community and pride in the school
  • Encourage understanding and appreciation of individual differences
  • Promote self-discipline and social responsibility
  • Prepare students for the challenges of society
  • Foster quality relationships between staff and students
  • Establish strong, supportive relationships between parents and the school

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing

At St Columba Anglican School, our aim is to nourish our physical and mental wellbeing by focusing on positive actions to maintain healthy bodies and minds.  Our premise is based on prevention rather than cure.  Our Wellbeing program is based on the well researched and evidence-based framework called The Five Ways to Wellbeing. 

These five areas are:

  • Connect
  • Be Active
  • Take Notice
  • Keep Learning
  • Give

Community service

St Columba is proud to be an active member of the local Port Macquarie-Hastings community, as well as being connected to the wider global village.

Our students are encouraged to support and drive community initiatives at every opportunity to foster and promote a caring, empathetic and selfless attitude.

Some of our community service initiatives include fundraisers, Duke of Edinburgh scheme, Rotary Interact Club, ANZAC Day March and various community volunteering opportunities.


The Primary and Secondary Student Leadership Committees aim to provide leadership of the student body and operate in the areas of the School’s assemblies, Chapel and other liturgies, fundraising, and social functions. The Committees can also act as a forum for discussion and initiatives, and have input into the decision-making procedures affecting student life. Students are encouraged to approach their leaders on any of these matters.


Preparing for your career

Our vision is to offer our students the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage their life and learning in a format that prepares them for an evolving and successful post-school life. This means moving away from reliance on simple vocational advice and supporting our students in developing skills that allow them to take a level of personal responsibility for accessing and using career-related information, making good decisions, “bouncing back” from disappointment and recognising the changes occurring in the world around them.

Our dedicated SCAS Careers website is updated frequently and is available at scascareers.com.au

Primary School houses

In Primary School, we have four School Houses:

Farrell (Red), Innes (Green), McCabe (Blue) and Robinson (Yellow).

The names are drawn from the early colonial School Masters, John McCabe and Gamaliel Farrell, and two pioneering women of the Hastings area, Annabella Innes (later Boswell) and Grace Robinson. Each house has its own mascot; the Farrell Fox, the Innes Leprechaun, the McCabe Shark and the Robinson Ram.

The houses are an important part of the school’s pastoral care and co-curricular program, with students encouraged to support their house to the best of their ability. Secondary school students are assigned to houses for pastoral care, tutor meetings, peer support, student leadership and other activities.

Secondary School houses

In Secondary School, there are six Houses:

Bangalay, Rosewood, Tuckeroo, Acacia, Lilly Pilly, and Coolamon.

Reflecting on our sacred duty to care for our planet, St Columba will honour our environment by naming our Secondary Houses in honour of those guardians of nature, our native trees. The Secondary Houses are named after trees indigenous to our region and reflect our dedication to our sense of duty to our environment and our respect for its unique beauty.Each House competes for the House Shield. House activities of a sporting, cultural and academic nature will be organised throughout the year. Sometimes students will have House Meetings, led by their Heads of house, House Captains and House Teachers.