Christian Education

Christian education at St Columba is both a curriculum-based subject (Christian Studies) and an educational endeavour to discover, understand and celebrate God’s creations.

Christian values underpin our philosophies of teaching and learning, while meeting for Chapel each week allows students to think about God and the big questions of life. 

Taught from Kindergarten to Year 10, Christian Studies classes are tailored to the different age groups to reflect the cognitive level of students. They offer a structured forum for students to learn about Christianity, as well as broader ethical principles, social justice and other major faith systems, and their roles within modern society. 

Secondary School
In the Secondary School, Christian Studies classes assume a more discussion-based structure, encouraging students to critique a range of ethical philosophies by using the Christian worldview in a modern context. 

Furthermore, students are taught to engage with the Gospel and apply it to their lives. Units on Ethics, Morals, Anglican Ceremonies, Christian Foundations, Biblical overviews and Film reviews are all examined through the lens of Matthew 22:39. 

Each unit of work addresses one of five strands in the Christian Studies curriculum; Biblical Knowledge and Understanding, Christian World View, Biblical Skills, Christian Apologetics, and Christian Living.