At St Columba, we pride ourselves on our ensemble program. Whether it’s choir, band, orchestra, classical, jazz, pop, rock, musical productions or music camp, we provide many opportunities for all students across Primary and Secondary school to pursue their love of music.

In order for students to be considered for inclusion in a specialist ensemble, it’s an expectation that they’ll regularly attend at least one of the following:

  • Stage 1 Choir
  • Stage 2 Choir
  • Stage 3 Choir
  • Primary Choir - Years 3 - 6
  • Senior Secondary Choir - Years 7 - 12
  • 6-8 Concert Band - Years 6 - 8
  • Senior Secondary Concert Band - Years 9 - 12

Concerts held throughout the year showcase the talents of our Primary and Secondary school ensembles and soloists, plus students have the opportunity to perform at school functions, awards nights, carols, church services, community events and more.

Band tours and vocal workshops are also a regular feature of the Co-Curricular Music Program, offering students the chance to perform in both regional and urban settings.

Music Tuition Program
To complement the Music Program at St Columba, the School has a talented and dedicated group of instrumental and vocal teachers offering private tuition for a range of instruments, including woodwind, strings, brass, piano, keyboard and drums.

Parents are invited to make arrangements with our Music Tutors directly. Individual lessons are held on a daily rotational timetable so that students have their lesson on the same day each week, but do not miss the same class each time.

Music Instrument Hire
St Columba has brass, woodwind and stringed instruments available for hire through the Music Department. These instruments are hired in a well-maintained and clean condition, with the relevant accessories such as mouthpieces, cleaning cloths and neck straps included.

Friends of Music
The St Columba Friends of Music is a group of parents and friends who share a love of music and help organise events, catering, publicity and fundraising to support the school’s musical activities.

Each year they host ‘An Evening of Fine Music ’ in the School Chapel featuring outstanding HSC soloists and small ensembles, as well as a family day at Bago Vineyard called ‘Magical Music @ Bago’.

For more information, please contact the Friends of Music