St Columba is widely regarded as a leader in eLearning and educational technology. Our school offers professional development in the areas of eLearning and coding to teachers throughout the region via our Google CS4HS grant initiatives.

St Columba was one of the first schools in Australia to subscribe to Google Apps for Education, with students able to access class content and support materials via Google Classroom. We now have 10 teachers at St Columba who are Level 1 Certified Google Educators.

Our students have access to a variety of eLearning opportunities, including video conferencing with international experts and classes, flipped learning, game based learning, project based learning, blended learning, superclasses, and more.

Some of our innovative eLearning initiatives include establishing Australia’s first permanent K-12 Makerspace, as well as the purchase of a remotely operated open-source telerobotic submarine to explore the depths of the ocean.

To support and enhance the eLearning outcomes of students at St Columba, we provide cutting-edge technology facilities and services, including:

  • Ultra fast fibre internet
  • Campus-wide latest generation wireless network
  • Chromebooks, Laptops (Mac, Windows), iPads and Android tablets
  • Interactive whiteboards, touch screen TVs, Apple TVs and smart projectors
  • 3D scanner and 3D printers
  • Learning management systems: Google Apps for Education, Class Dojo, Edmodo & Moodle

St Columba has developed a STEM Scope and Sequence for K-6 to enable all students to experience a wide range of learning technologies during their time in Primary School.

These activities include robotics, computational thinking and coding using resources such as Beebots, Scratch, Tynker, Blockly, Pencil Code, Makey Makeys and Arduinos.

Students in both Primary and Secondary School also participate in the Hour of Code, Bebras and other coding initiatives.

In the Secondary school, the The Technology and Design, Visual Arts and Vocational Education Faculty (TAS) gives all students the opportunity to learn coding and apply computational thinking to real world design projects. Many students at St Columba excel in National Competitions and pursue higher level IT subjects in their senior years.

Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Program
Our BYOT Program allows students in Years 3-12 to bring their personal laptop and tablet devices to school for ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning.

We also provide the latest model laptops and tablets for students to borrow. The BYOT Program is supported by our BYOT Policy & Social Network Policy.

Digital Citizenship Program (DCP)
At St Columba, teaching our students how to be safe and responsible online is a top priority.

As well as embedding our DCP into key learning areas, we run sessions to help students become discerning, ethical and safe online citizens.