Science and Mathematics


Science at St Columba Anglican School provides students with the opportunity to make sense of the world they live in. It is a practical subject and consequently has a strong emphasis on planning and conducting experiments. Our School is well resourced with four well-equipped laboratories, quality microscopes for junior and senior use with digital image converters, advanced equipment for electronic analysis of motion, force and electricity and sophisticated chemical apparatus. We have designed our programs to take full advantage of the diverse resources available to us locally. Science is made relevant to our students with excursions to the Billabong Wildlife Park, Sea Acres, Shelly Beach lagoon, the rock platform at Rainbow Beach, private and public hospitals and the UNSW Rural Medical School. 

Each year teams of students participate in the Science and Engineering Challenge at Kempsey, promoting problem solving and co-operation in a competitive forum. St Columba students have been most successful with this challenge, succeeding to State level for the last five years and achieving fourth place in Australia in 2010. National Science Week is a celebrated event at SCAS with a Science Fair held each year in August. Students use this event to showcase their investigative and research work and to participate in a variety of fun and competitive challenges.

St Columba is also well equipped to cater for Science students at Stage 6 and offer a wide range of elective subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science and Physics. Our small class sizes and individual attention at senior level has allowed our students to maximise their performance with achievement of strong Band 6 results in Higher School Certificate Science subjects.


At St Columba Anglican School we offer an exciting and innovative curriculum covering all courses through to Extension 2 Mathematics in the HSC. Through the use of innovative technologies, including smartboards and graphic calculators, and by applying principles of curriculum differentiation, we are able to identify student needs and plan teaching and learning experiences to cater for the individual student. We have a strong history of catering for talented students through both accelerated programs and various enrichment activities. These include:

  • Maths Olympiads (Years 7 – 10)
  • Maths Challenge and Enrichment activities through AAMT
  • External competitions

Extra help is offered to assist students who may experience difficulties in their learning. This includes regular homework help and also the assistance of support staff in classrooms where a need is identified.

A highlight of our curriculum is our annual Mathematics Investigation in Years 7 through 10. These investigations involve students in posing problems, collecting and analysing data and applying their findings back to their original problem. Our investigations provide all students with the opportunity to explore the many practical applications of their mathematical learning and to discover some of the intrinsic beauty and value of the study of Mathematics. Our annual Maths Day, a full school carnival celebrating Mathematics, presents an opportunity for students to showcase their investigation work and to highlight the varied mathematical talents of our students.