What makes SCAS special?

Some of the reasons that make us stand out from the crowd

We are committed to achieving academic excellence through the nurturing development of the talents of each student.

We attract and employ teaching and support staff of the highest calibre, ensuring that best practice teaching and learning is offered to our students.

We believe that a real education is about more than excellent academic results and we value and actively support the development of our students’ talents in all areas: 

  • Our co-curricular program is diverse, well organised and seen as an essential part of the School's culture.
  • Our cultural program (Music, Drama, Dance) is exceptional in its academic results and we are renowned for the excellence of our performances in all areas.
  • Our sporting program recognises not only talent but effort and participation, resulting in exceptional achievements of individuals and teams at local state and national levels.

We are committed to caring for and supporting each member of our school community and treat each of them as a valued part of our community.

 We firmly believe that we are in a partnership with the parents and carers of our students and work to ensure that this partnership is positive for all concerned.

We believe that using the best of modern technology in our teaching not only engages students and enhances their learning but prepares them for full and fruitful participation in life after school.

 Our modern and well resourced campus reflects the care and pride our students and staff take in belonging to the St Columba community.

We actively support the development of leadership skills in our students knowing that possession of these skills will give them the opportunity to make a positive contribution to their communities and the wider world.

 We actively seek partnerships with other organisations that share our vision and values as a way of enhancing and expanding the educational opportunities of our students.

We believe the quality of our students as well-rounded, positive individuals is the greatest indicator of our School’s success.