Chaplaincy at SCAS is the positive and supportive guidance towards the Christian spiritual and personal development of the community by words and actions. Leadership of this is delegated to the Chaplaincy Team.

The team works with members of the school community providing support, guidance and exposition of the Christian values and ideals of the School and the Anglican Church of the Grafton Diocese.

Our Chaplaincy:

  • Seeks to enthusiastically and positively meet the pastoral needs of students, staff and parents in the school and offer connection with local Churches and Community organisations.
  • Journeys with our students and their families through their joys and difficulties of life.
  • Converts the ideals and vision of the School and Diocese into an operational program.
  • Accepts that while learning about the Christian faith is important, the experience of faith is more important.

Chapel services

Chapel Services occur on a weekly basis and each service is theme based and generally engages the student to look at who and what is important in their lives and in the lives of those around them.



Christian Studies

Christian Studies introduces students to the fundamentals of Christianity. The core principle underpinning Christian Studies at St Columba seeks to encourage our students to explore Christianity in the context of a fast-paced, multi-faith society.

In earlier years, Christian Studies introduces students to the fundamentals of Christianity. As they progress into more senior years, more sophisticated themes of ethics, alternate world beliefs and social justice begin to emerge, encouraging students to analyse issues of faith in the broader environment.

In the Secondary School, Christian Studies classes assume a more discussion-based structure, and encourage students to critique a range of ethical philosophies by using the Christian worldview in a modern context.