The SCAS experience

 Terry Muldoon, Principal

From our Principal

St Columba Anglican School is unapologetic in its desire to offer its students the very best education possible. We aim to offer each student the very best educational experience – as good or better than any other school in the region or the state.

We do this by ensuring that the concepts of Excellence, Effectiveness and Enterprise are at the heart of all our planning and decision-making.

Some of the things we offer at St Columba include:

  • A clear set of Christian values that are evident in both word and action
  • Excellent and innovative teaching practices that engage, inspire and support success in all its forms
  • A campus that is safe, well maintained and offers the very best educational, cultural and sporting facilities
  • A school that is large enough to offer the widest possible range of curriculum choices and co-curricular activities but intimate enough for each student to feel known and valued
  • A record of the highest achievement in academic results, sport and the performing arts
  • An effective, efficient and responsive communication system that allows parents to be informed of how their child’s education is evolving

St Columba Anglican School is a wonderful place to be, with a dedicated and talented staff. We believe the quality of our students as well-rounded, positive individuals is the greatest indicator of our School’s success.

We understand that the choice of a school for your son or daughter is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent, and we would welcome the opportunity to assist in any way we can.

A Christian Education

St Columba was set up under the auspices of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton. It maintains strong links with the local Anglican churches and the Diocese, while operating under the governance of its own School Council. Christian studies and regular worship are a part of life at St Columba.

Our Vision

At St Columba we will transform the lives of our students by offering the educational opportunities that will allow them to have lives of purpose, service and engagement. 

Our Philosophy

St Columba was founded on the belief that our students should never have to accept a second rate education by virtue of geography. We strive to offer our students the very best in education, with the choices and opportunities equal to those offered by metropolitan schools of prestige.


At St Columba Anglican School we value:

  • Excellence in all things
  • Leadership and Responsibility
  • Care, Citizenship and Service
  • Collaboration



The aim of St Columba Anglican School is to be the most outstanding school in New South Wales. It is the product of a vision of a community – to build a school with access to all who want their children to achieve the highest standards of education and behaviour.

St Columba Anglican School is founded on faith. The Christian ethos is present in its caring philosophy and its concern to produce educated leadership. The School is a community school in the sense that its doors are open to all, so long as they are sympathetic to and support the School’s Christian foundations.