St Columba is a Christian school with an Anglican foundation, however we welcome families from all Christian denominations and other faith traditions.

Our motto is Faith, Hope, Truth and Love and we seek to nurture our students in these great tenets of the Christian life.

The message of Christianity is a beautiful story of how a loving God entered into our existence through Jesus Christ. Jesus came so that we might have life and live life to the full (John 10:10). Jesus not only offers us salvation, but his example and teaching give us a blueprint for how to live the most satisfying, joyful, meaningful and purposeful life.

The mission of the Chaplaincy team therefore is to promote this wonderful message to our students, and to develop the spiritual life of our students, staff and parents.

As School Chaplain, I’m available to all members of our school community and happy to assist you in any way I can. You’re most welcome to attend the various services we hold during the course of the academic year, including at Easter and Christmas time. We’re also part of a larger Anglican Family so I’d love you to join me at Trinity Anglican Church, which meets at the school each Sunday.

Rev. Paul Hodge
School Chaplain

Chapel services
Kindergarten to Year 12 students attend chapel services on a weekly basis. It’s a small taste of Church where we sing, pray and listen to Bible teachings.

Our chaplaincy team is creative in the way timeless Biblical truths are communicated (we often use videos and other mediums to engage the students), and seek to make each service relevant to the particular age group.

Chapel is a chance for students to think about the deeper things in life, to embrace their spirituality, and to understand how God wants us to live our lives.